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Welcome to my Beauty Journal

Hey there, welcome!

This is a place where I come to talk about anything beauty related. As a licensed Cosmetologist I favor all areas in beauty. Although I primarily focus on Makeup Artistry I do love hair, nails, skincare and fun beauty trends from the NOW and then! I will also do monthly favorites and explain each product, it's ingredients and purpose. My 4 years working at Sephora really inspired a passion to constantly learn about new products and learn about all brands. Each brand has a story and each story brings something different to the table. I look at Sephora and luxury makeup stores almost like a doctors office, I prescribe whats right for the client based on skin type, age, texture, allergies and personal preference. Education is key. You can't just put the same things on every person because it doesn't work. I have an over flowing kit and many beauty products for ANYONE in my chair. I seriously thank Sephora for giving me the insight of this. 

I know I am a Market Trainer and freelance makeup artist for Hourglass Cosmetics but I will not just talk about Hourglass Cosmetics. Although, I love Hourglass Cosmetics so very much and think anyone could benefit from their products, I also have many many favorites from other lines. I am thankful for my education in Aesthetics from 2005. That has also played very big role in how I listen to skincare needs. Sometimes I can't help find recommendations so I send them off to see a professional medical aesthetician.  For my skincare, I unforntually have had issues since I can remember, it became worse by the age of 19. I see a professional, but some people are fortunate enough to use products that are sold in Sephora and other beauty stores. Some people are lucky to use a bar of soap and never breakout or have skin issues. LUCKY! I do suggest changing that though if you are one of the lucky few, that will eventually bite you in the booty. 

Anyways, I can not wait for this beauty journal to become alive and active. Looking forward to more posts.

Thank you for reading,

Sara Marie  xo



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