Sara Marie Artistry, LLC

About Sara Marie Artistry

Sara Marie is a Wisconsin based makeup artist and licensed cosmetologist. She also has a background and education as an aesthetician.She also worked for Sephora as a Beauty Studio Coordinator and makeup artist for four years. Loving every second of it and learning a wealth of knowledge from all the products she was able to get her hands on and play with .Sara Marie believes skincare and makeup artistry go hand in hand into achieving the perfect and seamless application she strives for each of her clients. She truly is fueled by her passion to educate as she is providing any of her services. Asking her questions about what products she is using is and why is one of her favorite joys in life. She customizes the experience to each person. 



Sara is a licensed cosmetologist in the state of Wisconsin. She specializes in luxury makeup artistry for bridal and special events. Having a background and education as an aesthetician plays another role in her craft. Her hands on experience working at Sephora for five years as a makeup artist and beauty studio coordinator was invaluable in her development professionally & artistically. The product knowledge she gained from all the makeup and skincare brands has helped her to customize each client specifically.

Sara has worked closely with high profile celebrity makeup artists James Vincent, Bethany Townes, Nick Lujan and Joe Dulude. When she is not sharpening her artistry skills, Sara is educating herself constantly in better business ethics by taking classes from Michael DeVellis, founder of The Powder Group and On Makeup Magazine. Classes such as: The Business & Beauty of Bridal with Joanne McDonough; Evolution with James Vincent & Michael DeVellis; and Career Planning by Michael DeVellis. Sara is also an alumni attendee at the Makeup Show. She has learned from celebrity makeup artists Yolonda Frederick, Damone Roberts, Yvonne the Artist, Orlando Santiago, Danessa Myricks, Jordan Liberty & Aga Kaskiewicz to name a few.

The world of beauty was always Sara's first love, along with the world of color. She has been known for her elegant glamour with a touch of edge. Putting a pop of color or small amount of texture in her art leaves her signature. She is ready to make you feel like the true beauty you already are.